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When the change was made, features like the side scrolling pictures with stories went away. Now if you click on a story, it gives a teaser then you have to click yet again to get to the story which of course, means more loading time, more ads, more of everything except what I 'm clicking on. If this is the new, 'better' version, I'll take the old, thanks. This site is in a downward spiral from... Read more

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What a huge mistake Yahoo made. They migrated accounts to what appears to be an outsourcing company called Aabaco Small Business. You have to create an Aabaco account before you can make any changes or cancel. The website is very very slow and there is at least a 20-30 min wait time for customer service. I was disconnected / hung up on a call when the customer service rep who had a heavy India... Read more

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Your new homepage sucks. What happened to the slide show? Did a 10 year old design the page? I am not on a freaking phone. I thought on God's green earth you could not have designed a worse page than the first update but I was completely wrong. You need to ask people what they think of these design changes before you go off half-cocked. I just deleted one yahoo email account because of obnoxious... Read more

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Recently called yahoo for assistance with my email and the representative s were down right rude and totally disrespectful in every way when asked why does it cost 100.00 to change acount info and when asked for a manager they hung up and said call again I'm file a harassment case all we were trying to do is fix an email it's not rocket science to provide decent costomer service a monkey can do... Read more

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  • Feb 07
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The new email format is a disaster !!!!!!!!! Add comment

Yahoo did it again. They now have a new email set up that is totally counter intuitive and dysfunctional. The operative phrase is NOT "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" but for Ya Screw the slogan should be "if it ain't fixed, break it". It seems they arbitrarily decided to replace their previous less than desirable Yahoo Mail format with something out of the wilderness, and created a new system... Read more

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There are now only four articles at the top of the page and more often than not they are not very interesting. Furthermore, the location now displayed for the weather on the top right of the page is now nowhere near where I live. I used to enjoy going through the stories every night, but now there is nowhere near as much good content as there used to be. If this isn't changed I will have to look... Read more

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  • Feb 05
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I have problem getting to my inbox Add comment

I was having issues with my account and still am I need to get into my account however I was told that I could not be helped and I was hung up on 3 different times I keep talking to the same guy and I just don't believe that there's no way I can be helped without a computer sitting in front of me with the way the phones are today they all have internet connection in speaker phone I think that's... Read more

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I have called NUMEROUSE times, different days, at different times and I ALWAYS get the same guy! I've had my yahoo mail for years! One day I couldn't open my mail because I needed to enter my password which I had forgotten over the years. This guy told me my mail had been "compromised" an for $99.99 he could get it back on. But yahoo states their help is ALWAYS FREE right? It's the program they... Read more

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