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While trying to compose an email on yahoo today, 12/9/16, I was plagued by a constant barrage of disruptions. I can not write a 2 paragraph email without at least 24 interruptions every time the ads on the right side of the "Yahoo compose email" change. They are constantly changing which means a VERY FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE while trying to compose an email. WHAT GIVES?! This really is HORRIBLE, to be honest. I want Yahoo to return to the days... Read more

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i signed up for a email and i so had it because it saying to sign up for a email and i already did and i need a email on yahoo so you better fix it cause i am so dissipoted by that you say you can have people how like yahoo but you cant least keep the gmail instead you delete my gmail so i want to you to fix it for me and please keep me loged in having to exit the inbox. Others are poor design choices such as how the delete button can be easily... Read more

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Got locked out of computer by some hackers they changed everything preventing from logging into my yahoo ago. Called what suppose to yahoo and was told them my account has a lock on it and call back after 12 hrs so i did. Call later that night was told my yahoo account was hacked and there wasnt anything that they could do. Then told me one of the other yahoo tech can remove it for a fee I said a fee he said yes. I said how much anywhere from... Read more

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Locked me out of email account. Cannot contact them in anyway since no customer service now! No phone number or email responces. Now i lost every thing tied to my yahoo email account! Read more

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I can't change any settings, so when I want to begin a new line, it sends the message no chance to proof read that. If I can't change the settings and I don't like the current ones, what makes you think I'm going to bother staying with yahell? This is the worst DOWNGRADE i've ever seen in any app, OS or software product period, hand down, absolutely. If I wanted LESS, I would have used different inferior chat app, wouldn't I? Instead, what I got... Read more

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  • Nov 17
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I have never had ONE notification from Yahoo and have been constantly beat over the head for Trunp for the past 2 months. *** OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE.

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I want to reset my password, so the rep on the phone was arab or something and was rude to me, told me I couldn't speak with a supervisor and that I could deal with my account myself and hung up! Someone has hacked my yahoo account and is using it to get into other accounts! !!! They are stealing my identity! !! They men on the phone at yahoo will NOT help- they are in on it and all this is a huge scam!!!!!! Phone # 800-349-1641 Also... Read more

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I'm trying to speak to a representative named all types of names as of Samsung Elvis john and even president trump all I'm trying to do is reset my email and password and can't even do that! How is it a company so big be run by clowns! What an embarrassment all the numbers I called and it was runned by the same Indian guys 1800 349 1641 , 1 (866) 562-7219 1 (888) 985-8273 1 (888) 335-9712 Between the hours of 8am to 5pm it's when we even... Read more

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Comments format has changed. The thumbs up/down option was replaced with a tiny little heart. I guess we don't want to hurt feelings. Our comments history has been delegated to a tiny pop-up box that is very temperamental. If you don't swipe it just right, it goes away. Now, to add insult to injury, my homepage layout was changed without giving me the option to keep the style that I was accustomed to. I'm not sure where I'm heading, but I... Read more

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I cancelled my Yahoo mail account maybe nine months. They just billed me again. Really sloppy on their part. I filed a complaint through PayPal, which checked into it but could not get me a refund. PayPal did claim that they were able to cancel my account. We see on the next billing cycle if my account is really gone. Because I long ago deleted my Yahoo account password from my password minder, I cannot try to log on to Yahoo to verify if the... Read more

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