Absolutely horrendous

the news on yahoo is half clickbait and spam. The other half, that is news, is so poorly written and filled with so many errors and so much political bias I want to cry (these writers are supposed to be professional, pffttt). Whenever I read an article on yahoo i have to look up another news source to get more information and not prevent stabbing my own eyes out with screwdrivers. On other notes yahoo's security for their customers suck. and their new desire to have all your possible information is an invasion of privacy. bunch of bums, hope they fall apart, them and apple who also suck now.
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  • Yahoo is no longer user friendly
  • Customer service
  • Contact is in fact a customer forum
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Bad quality
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get better writers, and get away from this political garbage your feeding the world

Yahoo's new direction

As incredibly bad as EVERYTHING is on Yahoo, I think it is telling that their direction is spiraling down to the depths of nothingness by how few complaints there are here. 686 complaints might just be the number of users they have left. I would have expected at least 686,000 gripes. Yahoo pages take forever and a day to load, are not navigable, mobile-friendly, or useful. They look like they were designed by a child. The company has absolutely horrendous customer service (if you can find anywhere where they are willing to expose any contact information). Yahoo seems to be dropping any support for fantasy sports games in favor of their new model of Daily Fantasy Sports where they can collect from you at every turn. Desperate, SPAM-like popups appear everywhere you go. God help you if you click on them. Don't get me started on security, either. Yahoo has an abominable security track record. Basically, if you have an email account there, you can pretty much be assured it has been hacked, and all your contacts are receiving phishing scams from you. How much did Yahoo cost in the latest buyout? I would say $0.02 would have been too much.
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No other hacks are even close to the damage from Equifax.


And ... you still use it ?

You're right about the hacking.

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Richardson, Texas
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Current and historical contempt shown by Yahoo to the users

Yahoo began dying a slow death the day they closed Geocities. At that time they OWNED email, search and homepage usage on the net. Nobody was even close, the internet was theirs to lose. Geocities meant they also OWNED the "Hobby forum" slice of the internet. Again nobody else was even CLOSE. They SHUT DOWN Geocities despite a huge effort from the users to stop them. They just did not (and never have since) cared one witt about what their users want. Many never forgave them and have never used Yahoo since that day. One fine day a few years ago after some of us had forgiven and forgotten THEY WENT AND DID IT AGAIN. This time is was "Yahoo Groups". They decided all by themselves WITHOUT CONSULTING EVEN ONE YAHOO GROUPS MODERATOR that it would be a wonderful idea to completely revamp Yahoo groups such that searching for past information is now impossible, following threads is now impossible, managing the group homepage is now impossible and nobody wants to use Yahoo Groups anymore. There was a HUGE UPROAR of Groups users complaining that the changes made the groups USELESS..The arrogant and cavalier attitude of the people assigned to answer these complaints was astounding. I estimate 75% of hobby centered Yahoo groups stopped all activity on that day and have not had any traffic since. Now they change their email again without asking our permission or even out opinion. Are they aware that your SPAM folder no longer shows you how many SPAM you have so you are most likely to NEVER empty the damn thing? I find it hard to even LOOK at their new color scheme. No reverting back to the previous format. No choices for the user at all. But that is the Yahoo attitude "You will eat it and LIKE it"! I swear If I did not have a large Yahoo group with many thousands of members I would have been gone YEARS ago.....It really does seem to me that YAHOO HATES ITS REGULAR USERS AND CONSIDERS US TO BE AN ANNOYING CONTINGENT OF HARASSING TROLLS THAT HAVE TO BE CULLED ONCE IN A WHILE. So once or twice a year thay make some sweeping changes to some part of their platform with NO consultation with the user base whatsoever and FLAT OUT REFUSE TO GIVE YOU A CHOICE AS TO WHETHER TO ACCEPT THAT CHANGE OR NOT, IGNORE AND BELITTLE YOUR STUNNED CRIES OF DISSATISFACTION WITH AN ALTERED SYSTEM THAT NO LONGER FUNCTIONS.
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