Recently Yahoo Small Business changed its name (and sold its service to its holdings in Alibaba) to Aabaco Small Business. This, along with many consumer complaints alarmed me, and I immediately tried to switch to another hosting service.

However, I am stuck because I cannot cancel my Aabaco account:

Clicking cancel takes me to Yahoo Wallet, and trying to cancel there takes me BACK to Aabaco small business creating an infinite loop. When I click delete on my credit card info in Yahoo Wallet to prevent recurring charges nothing happens.

When I try to edit my CC information to give them incorrect information to prevent recurring charges nothing saves or updates. I have no idea how to cancel my service and move on to another host and their tech support is impossible to call.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Transference of my domain name and email to another hosting service and the deletion of my credit card info from company records..

Location: Austin, Texas

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I called Aabaco customer service number because they continue sending me emails to update my credit card info. I never registered with them or updated my cc info.

I called them to let them know that since it was no longer Yahoo, I no longer wanted the service. The guy on the phone kept running me around in circles. he kept telling me that he wanted to record the call for business purposes. I said that's cool as long as I can also record you for my protection.

He became very loud, rude, and argumentative but I held my ground and insisted. He finally said he could no longer speak with me unless I agreed not to record him but still let him record me. WTF?

The call ended right hter. I am gonna block them from my AMEX my CC.


Uggghhh I tried to cancel a recurring charge, but they say I need to give them the card number from when the account was established. That was at least 2 cards ago, but they refuse to grant access even though I answered EVERY other security question properly.

They say I just need to call my bank to get the card number I used back then, but when I explain that no bank in their right mind will give that info they do not understand.

They have to have designed a system to keep anyone from cancelling. Such a friggin scam!


Agreed, same issue no way to cancel or get refund. Site is down and you cannot reach them. I am hoping if I transfer to domain to new server i can just get out from under them.


I have spent SIX hours between 7 people at Aabaco and they are still "unable" to grant me access to my website. I have been trying for days and the only reason I am getting access is so I can cancel.

Do you get put on hold for "3 to 6 minutes" when you first give them your name?

I swear they take a smoking break because no work was done by the time the return. I put a lock for Yahoo on my AMEX at this point.


For anyone here who has a paid account for Yahoo mail or business services, my firm is investigating the matter and can assist. Please contact asap me at kcosgrove@kaplanfox.com


Agree with previous posts. Am calling credit card company to block charges but am prob stuck for recent charge for I'm not even sure what.


Aabaco is a scam. Too bad Yahoo sold that part of their business.

I can;t get their *** website to work because they are too cheap to encrypt it and my browser refuses to open it.


they don't speak english.

we got shafted by Yahoo. I will NEVER deal with Yahoo again...this sale to Aabaco shows how much Yahoo cares for it's customers. I'm just returning the favor.


I was able to alter the expiration date on the card. That should prevent billing again. (in theory)


Same here... Still not receiving emails and my site is down.

I called yesterday - of course to India where I kept being told that these "growing pains" were so that I could have better service going forward. I am Ditching these guys ASAP...


Same for me. Ive called twice with these *** with over 45 minute wait times and no one picks up.

They hve horrible customer service. I'm def jumping ship, and if they refuse to take my calls or respond to my emails Ill just call my credit card company to not accept anymore charges from them.

I'm going to let the phone sit on hold for however long and see what happens. This is ***/


OMG! I thought this was MY post!

I am in the same boat. Get this: you HAVE to get an incident # then call. You cannot cancel or change your wallet. To cancel hosting, you need to CALL Aabaco.

I tried and there was a 40minute HOLD time (they want you to call when its convenient for THEM not you).

Yahoo SBH also damaged my WP database. This was the last straw. Thankfully I have much backed up, but I didn't knwo to export the php dB sooner and lost months. Thanks Yahoo and Aabaco!

Yahoo is not help either.

And my bad, I repointed my hosting before I could get any support (ha.. 48 hrs minimum wait).

Goodbye Yahoo.

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