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Please I need your massive assistance to recover my account (salisuahmadaliyu@***.com). Suddenly my yahoo mail has just closed.

I have tried to open it but it could not be opened. Whenever I enter my username (salisuahmadaliyu@***.com) to log into my account it says this email is not recognised. They give me the option to use my phone number (+234803****675) to log in when I enter my phone number (+234803****675) . They say they will send me a verification code to open.

They also said I should Enter 8 characters as my verification code, but when I checked my message contact in my phone number (+234803****675) I was not able to see the 8 characters as my verification code.

Therefore please and please I need your massive assistance to help me to recover my account (salisuahmadaliyu@***.com).

Why? Because all my relevant documents are saved in this account (salisuahmadaliyu@***.com).

I hope you will kindly assist me to recover/re-open it so as to enable me to have access to my relevant documents.

Best Regards,

Ahmad Salisu Aliyu

Kano, Nigeria

Mobile Number: +234803****675

What's App Number: +234704****293

Email: salisuahmadaliyu@***.com

Location: Abuja, Fct

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