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Often when I click on an article link on Yahoo's home page, it won't be just the article shown but an entire series of articles shown. There would be video auto-playing but it's never at the very top but rather I would have to scroll down several articles in order to find the playing video so that I can pause it.

Whoever came up with the idea to put in autoplay video=true coding needs to be fired and apologize.

Even worse is Yahoo's idea of implementing shoddy website navigation with their news articles.

Can they please return to the tried-and-proven formula of simply having an independent article webpage that many other news websites have? And more importantly, turn off the video autoplay function?

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As one of their engineers said when people complained about changes to their email interface years ago (I believe his name was Boneforte), "people don't appreciate good software design". He shows the attitude Yahoo has towards their customers many of whom have left.


When surfing the web and especially with sites like Yahoo, it is imperative you have protection from unwanted "junk" many sites inundate you with: Blur, UBlock Origin, Disconnect, etc. I get very few ads and there is even a separate little add-on in my browser which automatically blocks all videos on a site from auto playing. Do a search for an add-on like that for whatever browser you use.

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