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I am constantly being censored just Because I have an opposing view I have not put anything violent or nasty just simple reasonable responses. Such as when hundreds of blacks shoot each other and kill so many of each other and I ask why BLM and I get censored

User's recommendation: AGREE WITH YAHOO OR DON"T COMMENT !!

Preferred solution: Apology.

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Now to be fair, it’s their platform and if they don’t like what you have to say it is their right to censor you. Many people like yourself think that the rights given to you by your country some how translates over to the web.

It does not. Your rights are protections against governmental interference and harassment. Your written speech is NOT PROTECTED! You agreed when you signed up for their service that you would follow THEIR RULES.

Not an empherial idea of personal rights but what THEY say they don’t like. If you are that *** over being censored then use the wealth of human knowledge that is at your fingertips and find a site that supports YOUR world view. Ranting and railing because someone doesn’t allow you to publish your version of reality is fundamentally flawed. You go do you on a site that supports your version of protected speech.

However it is quite clear you’re a white male between 30-60 yrs old with archaic morals and ethics. I’m sure those people reading your original comment saw it as a version of hate speech.




I agreed with you until the next to last sentence. That's a pretty big spread of folks to cover with a blanket assumption. I think my rebuttal would be simpler : since you don't like the show, change channels ...


No tolerance for racist comments like what you say you said. Very antagonistic statement.


You are a racist.


The only thing you should ever do on Yahoo is, perhaps use their email as a backup---and then make sure you have an extension(in Firefox) to block Yahoo mail ads plus other extensions like UBlock Origin, Blur and any other ad blockers you can get for whatever browser you are using. Yahoo is run by Leftists who care nothing for your differing opinion to theirs and enjoy censoring citizens.

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