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Comments get flagged as inappropriate for no particular identifiable reason. You get flagged.

You re-word your comment, flagged again. After 10 or 15 you get banned from future comments.

No reason given except you have too many violations, No support available to argue the ban. All comments everywhere are removed.

User's recommendation: have to pay for support.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Agreed. This had happened to me all the time.

Then I would have to open up a spam account to get back into yahoo comment section again. Yahoo would alway's autocensor certain words. Some times I would have misspell certain words on purpose. Yahoo alway's had a *** comment section.

A shame yahoo couldn't hire real moderators to keep out the riff raft. I had almost ten thousand comments posted before yahoo got rid of the comment section. As for the ceomment section.

I say good riddance too it. I won't miss it.


No one cares... Go elsewhere for your news

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