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my comment was not favorable to the nominee, but didn't have any obscene language. it was just an opinion on the state of our government.

you kicked it out and then threatened to revoke my right to comment. it is really simple, since regulation of the internet has been discussed a lot lately I simply said that even though I didn't want to regulate the internet there might be instances where freedom of speech issues might apply. everyone in this country has the right to disagree with people who profess to be evenhanded with these stories, if you think that stopping me from comment on this forum or threatening to do so will change my opinion and beliefs you are sadly mistaken. I vote every election, and my views on this subject have been made to Sarcastic my elected leaders.

so do what you will but remember if there are hearings on regulation of this service I will weigh in. VERNE44 Sarcastic

Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Customer Care.

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