How else are we supposed to know what Trump's brain dead, low information, Deplorable followers are saying?

User's recommendation: Don't read the articles until they allow comments.

Preferred solution: Let folks speak their minds, even Trump Deplorables. .

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Oh yes, I'm sure you're right. I'm pretty sure I saw the words "trumptard", "tRump", "Dotard" in nearly every comment string.

Those are the people you're talking about, right? You are happy to see the comments section gone because it scares you that so many people don't agree that riots are ok, don't agree that movie stars, NASCAR drivers, and CNN hosts know what's correct......and it bothers you when normal people point out the inaccuracies in the Yahoo articles.


Ultra weak liberals like you need protecting. You are too intelligent and soft to hear counter arguments and alternate opinions outside your sheep group think.

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