We use Yahoo email daily; Yahoo locks our email daily (we have been loosing thousands of $$$$$-dollards); you cannot rely on Yahoo Email Service. We have sent emails, letters, etc., asking for their assistance and they never took a corrective action;Furthermore, we called hundreds of times Yahoo's c.service and they failed to help us.

Therefore, we have not other choice but to make a complaint- expecting yahoo-excecutives compel their employees to offer a Quality & Professional Service- for yahoo users.

Yahoo advertises free email account- and has failed hundreds of time to provide a good email service; yahoo erase your information, they sends false messages that you do not have the correct password or that you have not used your account and erases your information; Yahoo is very slow, inefficient, unreliable, wates your time, and blocks your email; Yahoo has currently very inefficient employees in the email-service; 5 years ago they were average- in service. But in the last 2 years their service is worse than in the 3rd world country. It is sad because the excecutives are efficient and smart, but the clerks in the email are very lazy and incompetent and make yahoo look very bad. I hope yahoo-directors hire efficient employees- for the email dept.



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