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Yahoo news is total propaganda, malicious and vitriolic. It is not journalism but a virulent strain of bacteria that menaces the fabric of American culture.

It should not use the privilege of a public pulpit to disseminate its hateful and distorted version of news events. Nearly every article is a malignant attack on the president rife with innuendo and overt character assassination. Its express purpose is to vaporize the president's very existence.

Operationally, Yahoo news is identical to DER STURMER, the publication deployed by the *** in the 1930s to defile minorities with its poisonous distortions and grotesque rhetoric. Tragically, the incessant and uncountered drumbeat of DER STURMER's falsehoods was internalized at face value by the German public.

For his "noble" journalistic efforts Julius Streicher, the unscrupulous publisher of this excrement landed at the end of a hangman's noose at Nuremberg in 1945.

Yahoo news should desist abusing the public pulpit and abandon the DER STURMER model. It should turn back to venerable and trusted journalistic principles that provide unbiased coverage of the president and related news events.

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Perfect description of Rush Limbaugh although you left out the fat.

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