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I have had my email with yahoo for over 25 years now. Back then I just needed an email, wasn't worried who was the provider, I just needed to create one.

I have been satisfied, however, I just want you to know I am disgusted with your coverage of the news. If it's ANYTHING negative you can find out about the conservatives or republicans, you report on it. However, you NEVER report on anything negative about our current president or anything controversial about the way this country is going due to the current administration. You disgust me.

I wish I had never gone with you over 25 years ago. How about reporting on ALL news, how about giving the American public the real news? Anyone working in your news dept, you might as well work for the National Enquirer.

Which is a rag for BS news. anyone wo

User's recommendation: Never to go with yahoo.

Preferred solution: Not interested in any monetary refund, just them being real and report real issues instead of being a left wing propaganda machine..

Yahoo Pros: Decent email service.

Yahoo Cons: Tired of their left wing bs news.

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This is what gets me: Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.

Yeah and how long does this temporary suspension go on for? It has to be over a year now since it came into effect. Maybe they should just say the TRUTH and call it PERMANENT suspension.

Also you may have also noticed that they only ever show none vaxxers who have died from covid, but not once have they ever written on the thousands now dead that had the vaccination. I suppose they have to follow the Elite's depopulation agenda.

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