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On 26 March 2021, I checked an email (loklok0208@*** and confirmed that the mailbox is operating normally. When I checked the email box again, it found that the latest 3 months emails are suddenly disappeared.

Therefore, I phone to customer hotline to ascertain the reason for the loss of email and backup my email. However, 3-years mail (from 15 February 2018 to 26 February 2021) my mail box was lost/disappeared. I would like to seek your assistance to restore all the emails.

Customer Services Department replied that they could not restore my emails because there is no backup. They reiterated that they would not delete the customer's and it is customer's problem.

They advised me to change the password and install anti-virus software.

I am very disappointed about their response why 3-year email has no backup and thus could not restore.

They had not ascertain the reason for losing 3-year mails. I am very unhappy all emails were lost.

Preferred solution: restore my emails.

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