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I feel the need to vent out my frustrations with everything that has been going on since the death of felon Floyd. When I saw that video of him dying in front of the world to see, yes I was outraged and I cried my eyes out watching this!

At that point it did not matter who or what this person did.

No human deserved that treatment! On the other hand we all watched the video of felon Before this incident happened I was tolerant and accepting and respectful of people that were different from me. I treat people the way I would want to be treated!

Do I understand the alphabet people lifestyle, absolutely not, but the person I am, would be very hurt and angered if someone told me ( I identify as a single white straight woman) it is not right for me to love and marry a man. Who am I to judge!

Please do not judge me because I am who I am. I will never push down your throat of this fact.

However the fallout after the murder (yes murder) of felon floyd has changed the trajectory of my patience, understanding, empathy, sympathy and support I ever had for this BLM terrorist group! I am outraged at the one sided thought process and actions of this vile, violent, illegal actions they exhibit. They proclaim that no lives matter until black lives matter, really, how racist is that!

How about renaming this tragedy that happened to felon Floyd for what it really is!

Police brutality! Plain and simple that is what happened here. Guess what it happens to not only the black population but to other races too! However with felon Rayshard Brooks, we all watched how that went down!

I hope for the officers that were involved are found not guilty!

Don't get me started on that congress nut from California Maxine Waters, what a racists *** “They stopped a brother, so I stopped to see what they were doing,” Then she drove off in her $70,000 suv to her 4.5 million dollar mansion. That's ok I feel safe in my gated community, but if those blm terrorists illegally tear our gate down and enter our private property, their choice of actions will have severe consequences! How many people here that are commenting are still alive after being pulled over by police!

Simple answer because you did what you were asked to do by the police officer! First of all, you did not break the law, secondly you did not try to out run them with your car, thirdly you showed respect and did exactly what you were asked to do.

Fourthly you complied and showed your id, registration and proof of insurance. Fifthly you did not argue, you did not throw the officer down to the ground, you did not STEAL his weapon and fire at him and finally depending upon your respectful attitude and was cognizant of the officers safety depended upon you getting a ticket or a warning!

Another topic that has me irate is the fact that we, white, right people are being constantly blamed for everything negative that is happening with the black culture.

They are "demanding" reparations for what happened over 400 years ago with slavery! Really, I would proudly support our hard earned tax dollars handed over to the black surviving slaves! The line starts at your resident state house!

Did you know that your own people sold you into slavery?

How about crying to them! The black people are demanding change, guess what change begins with you first! How about teaching your children to finish school, go to college, find a job, WORK, pay taxes, be respectful members of society. Teach birth control, self respect.

Teach your culture to avoid thug gangs, teach them there are consequences for unacceptable behavior.

Teach them responsibility, teach them in order to not be in poverty that it takes hard work, determination, motivation, finesse, and above all teach them how to love and respect themselves. The other things that "we" are so irate about is your lack of regard for your own people. You are killing each other with no regards for who is caught in the cross fire (i.e.

babies, toddlers, preschoolers, teenagers, mothers). How tragic!

It breaks my heart when I read about all the murders within your own race in Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, etc. You want us to agree with BLM, but what is really happening is causing the opposite!

We despise and disrespect your terrorist group! You have killed a productive member of our society, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a best friend, a nurse ALL BECAUSE SHE SAID ALL LIVES MATTER. Her name was Jessica Doty-Whitaker, SAY HER NAME!

Obviously it is acceptable in your culture to use the N word countless times while you are attempting to speak English..

You have rap songs that degrade women, portray violence etc. Different story if a non black says it or sings it! Who is the entitled one! The racists reporters on SHITyooo are showing their true colors by capitalizing the letter b and not capitalizing the letter w in the same sentence when referring to stories.

Not that it is a big deal but they are fueling the race fire by doing that!

I never would have thought twice about a show hosting a black person, however because they fired some loveable (to some people) white hosts to jump on the woke bandwagon and replaced them with black people, that move is unacceptable and does not sit right with the majority resulting in a lot of anger, resentment and furthering the race divide amongst us! As a clinician, I resent articles that claim black people are not getting the same treatment as white people!

Again adding further fuel to the race divide fire!

My friends please vote as though your life depends on it come November, because it will!

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Yahoo didnt stop posting fake news articles. Yahoo didnt forced or changed.

Yahoo censor the World comments so REAL TRUTH IS SHUT DOWN! Last time someone did this, was Hitler. Burning books. And wanna talk about racism.

Lets talk about 12 old Tamir Rice, 2014 Ferguson protests, real protests, about fact that deep states Obama released all cops who murder 1000 Afro-American brothers, unlike Trump! Even innocent kids 12 child like Tamir Rice who unlike Floyd werent criminals. Floyd was a criminal pro produced and used fake money. As I know doing that is a crime, playing with toy in park isnt!

Protests are organized, openly by ANTIFA, there is no denial. So from start protests are political and fake!

Unlike real 2014. Ferguson protests...

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