Hi, my name is Nikola Jovanovic and I am yours costumer since 1999. Last week I have had a problem with log in on my Facebook account and I still have it now.

When i try to log in it sais that I use old pasword and that I must use new one and that have changed my pasword which I didnt and if I want to change it I must find my account by my email. My mail is krivafeja@***.com and when I write a mail they fined my account conected with this e mail. But the problem is when they send to me a number code (6 numbers) for changing the pasword which I should take from krivafeja@***.com those number never comes on my email. When they put infomation on which email they had sent number code it begins like this t××××××××e@y×××o.com so even did not begins with same leter like mine email.

For the record I dont have any problem with yahoo mail I can access on my yahoo account and regulary recieve and send mails.

Yesterday I changed my pasword on mail just because precaution. Can you check what is it all about because I am very worried about safty of my datas.

Location: Belgrade, Belgrade

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