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My name is abdul Ghafoor qureshi dob 06-06-1944 I am getting emails on my user name qureshig44 instead of email ghafooeagq@***.com phone 281-840-**** I dont know where and how this account from?

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You must be related to Abid Qureshi of Lathem Watkins lawyers in DC. He’s an internet surfer for sugar babies and tries to impress his law buddies and women of being something he’s not.

A simple little weak Muslim and double life lawyer. Aren’t they all ***


Maybe Queshi is Mohammed. After all, they all are. I’ll bet Lathem Attorney’s won’t appreciate the other side of Abid Qureshi.


Don’t kid yourself…..most attorneys have a total lack of morals. They just haven’t been exposed “yet”


This *** paid me to come to Washington DC. He’s as *** as they get.

Stay away.

Ms. Pittsburg.


Me Pittsburgh. How much did this *** pay?

What were his intentions?

I know exactly “what” he wanted after he got you there. Love to hear back.


$10,000 plus air plus 5 star


Your obviously a f’ ing muslim. Who honestly cares what your problem is?


How funny. You are all named Mohammed.... geeze HAHAAAAA

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