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Why are you promoting so much 'click bait'? I don't want to see The Cheat Sheet so much in your feed.

Don't you have other sources to pull from? I am thinking I need to find another 'news' feed that doesn't feature click bait so prominently. And what is this about? You want a hundred words to describe a problem with your service?

Shouldn't brevity and accuracy be more important to you than word count? Oh, never mind, you live on word count and not content. I think you just answered my initial question. Why are you promoting so much 'click bait'?

You don't care about content, just quantity. Can you recommend a better news service? Oh, never mind, what would you know about quality over quantity?

I usually like your content, and I just don't like the Cheat Sheet *** with so many clicks needed to get to the point of their content. It kind of makes me feel like I am being manipulated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wow! Cheat sheet no longer appears on my yahoo page. Thank you.


Please remove The Cheat Sheet on yahoo pGe


I agree. I love Yahoo News, but I need to find another source because that Cheat Sheet site pulls me in too often, and I immediately get out when I realize it's them. I HATE all the pages I have to go through to get the story.


ALL this clicking to get a few pages of what we already know. PATHETIC I won't open a cheat sheet anything.


Agreed. Cheat sheet is garbage.


I hate the Cheat Sheet and refuse to use click bait. If I accidentally click on it will close it out.

Please get rid of click bait. Yahoo used to be the best news and search engine.

Guess it is time to find a new search. Sad


I am also looking for another newsfeed; am not a fan of cheat sheet pages often experiencing stories that have similar content on page 1 and page 9 of a 18 page story.


I hate The Cheat Sheet articles. If I click on them by accident, I immediately backspace and don’t read the article.

I have started going to MSNBC but still don’t love it. I am looking for a new news source because of it.


I agree. The Cheat Sheet is crap.EVERYONE HATES IT!I want to also boycott Yahoo for putting this crap in my newsfeed.Really, Yahoo should be boycotted for The Cheat Sheet.

It's inexcusable. Is Yahoo going to start phishing for our bank passwords next?


I am eliminating my 2 yahoo emails. Cheat sheet is bogus news that sends you to other non requeated pages


I agree! Cheat Sheet should be completely eliminated from Yahoo news feeds.

Yahoo sinks lower and lower.....

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