It is completely ruined. The other one was perfect,you could chat several people at once, remain invisible.check your conversation history, show your cam to several people at once,You could move chat windows around.You could block people easily.

get offline messages. Now the new one....WTF it is HORRIBLE. No cam at all, no conversation history,people that i blocked are constantly sending me messages and chat invitations, there is no more invisible and apparenty, you appear online even when you arent there.it's confusing when you get offline messages. I already took it off my phone because you had to completely log off so that people would not constantly message you because you appeared online even if you didnt want to be bothered.

it is complete ***.

i really dont like Skype that much but it is WAY better than the new YM. if they dont fix it before the end of the month, i will give up entirely on Yahoo!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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i agree.yahoo sux.....i havent been able to sign into messenger in 6 months,but im able to sign into my email account.....doees that make sence?ive tried uninstalling yahoo and reinstalling it....ive tried resetting my password....ive turned off my firewall...pop up blockers.....its still not working and i cant get anyone to help me.....im gonna start using aol...they have a messenger and it works......im fed up with yahoo......its not like it used to be .....another pissed off consumer


same here

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