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Respected management of Yahoo! we would like to introduce ourselves to you, as Nisma Al-Janaahi Advocates & Legal consultants a Law Firm from Dubai United Arab Emirates License number 921264

we are representing Mr.

Rasheed Rashed S Owain, a Saudi business owner holding passport No U885679.

Our client was subjected to a fraud in which his personal information was misused to create an email account on Yahoo account rasheedowain@***.com , as well as another email account which has been created for a company that was wrongfully attributed to him.


Since we are the law firm entrusted to him, the case is followed up by Mr. Rasheed Rashed S Owain, and since these emails were created on the Yahoo mailing system, we hope that you will kindly provide us with the following information:

Account creation date

The country from which these accounts were Created

The IP address from which the accounts are created

Password recovery information for each account

last login date to each account and from which country it was made

we are ready to provide you with any supporting documents that you may require.

Thank you for your understanding and usual cooperation.

Nisma Al-Janaahi Advocates & Legal consultants

Moahmed Nasr shanter

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