I recently logged onto my Yahoo Small Business account to make changes to my website, and found that Yahoo had transferred it to Aabaco. I signed up with Yahoo Small Business in 2013, created a website, and and have been able to edit on several occasions.

Aabaco is not user friendly, and so far I have not been able to edit my website. There is no easy mechanism for getting customer support, as with Yahoo.

There was a 20+ minute wait time when I tried to call Aabaco. Needless to say, I am not happy and feel cheated.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Yahoo Cons: No customer support.

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

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I just have a domain name, so Aabaco was too expensive to keep. The service period ended July 16, and I transferred my domain name away on July 9.

Then I get my CC statement saying they charged the $35 on July 3, two weeks before the end of the service period! I called and asked for a refund, and they said sorry, but we're keeping the money.


aabaco is a scam. yahoo places should be free or at most 2-3 bucks a month. nobody uses yahoo anyway.


Aabaco not provide any technical support..

There was many time connect aabaco but not respond


I, too, have had problems with them since the sale to Yahoo. Yahoo charged me for my domain back in December.

Aabaco charged me again in January or 2016. I've called twice now and still no resolution. I was told that my call would be going to another team and have yet to hear anything.

Also, I've spent close to two hours on the phone trying to talk to customer service. I get the impression that the guys in the call center seem to enjoy giving customers the run around.



STAY AWAY. They took over from yahoo, and I've lost over 10 years of emails, all disappeared. I've phoned them 3 times trying to get help, but they say I need tech support, put me on hold, and nobody answers. It's currently 9pm and I've been calling them since 8.05pm - nobody will answer.

I was also given a direct tech support number that's simply engaged constantly. Worse still I'm in the UK but there's only one USA number. So I'm getting phone bills for international calls now amounting to over 2 hours but STILL I have not had anyone in tech support even start to help me.

Avoid this company like the black plague. AVOID!


I purchased my domain and a week later it still didn't show up on my account. Called and they said they would cancel the account and that we needed to purchase it again.

3 days after purchasing it again, still nothing. 45 minutes on the phone and they told me they would cancel it again and I needed to repurchase it.

I told him if he thought I was going to do that he was ***. There are much better providers out there, STAY AWAY!


Yep, it sucks. I send and receive many attachments per day, and the speed of transmission (NOT due to my ISP, but due to Aabaco's servers) has been reduced dramatically.

I won't even bother to call them: I don't think they's allocate more bandwidth or servers because of me. It looks like they sold all their equipment and left all users on a single Celeron PC with Apache.


Forget customer support, even their sales team is pathetic. I have a renewal invoice pending for payment and the sales team don't respond to calls, even if i could manage to speak on couple of occasions, nobody is able to guide me through the payment process.

The team says, to wait for a mail from our finance dept..

Just utter non-sense. The company may close down soon, not sure whether to renew or go with Gmail for web-hosting, domain name and business mail.


Sounds like my experience mirrors just about everyone else's. This change has been a nightmare.

I can't publish any changes to my sites - both dynamic business sites that require monthly, if not weekly, updates.

I have lost probably $2000 to $6000 in business just since Aabaco went 'live' - if you can call it that. For me - they are dead in the water, and it's time to find a new hosting service.


Everything has gone wrong in the migration from Yahoo Small Business to Aabaco.

-Cannot change passwords for email accounts

-Cannot delete user accounts

Have to call in for the above two tasks; they tell you on the phone "it's done", but really they did NOTHING!

Taking my business elsewhere as soon as I find something comparable.


When I did finally learn of the transition to Aabaco I immediately checked my website and email...that I have had for over 10 years...both non functioning, except I was getting Spam. I updated my payment info, spoke with customer service twice and got no help.

a lot of "so sorry's", "don't worry we will fix it", "how was your Christmas". I am closing this account, so angry about it, so disappointed, fearful that I have lost ownership of my domain.

This is disgusting.


As you said, customer service is poor. I've been unable to use email forwarding since the beginning of October.

At first it was listed as a known problem. It subsequently just disappeared from that list. I wsas able to get through (5:30 am works best). They were supposedly having my case upgraded.

They were to call me with a solution. I haven't heard back. The case is still "pending" when I called.

Support several years ago was excellent. It was based on the west coast.

When it switched to outsourcing, the quality deteriorated rapidly. When it changed again, the customer service is nonexistent


there's really been no change - phone number, staff, etc are exactly the same.

And as of mid-month, they've decided , for tax purposes, to reverse the spin off anyway...

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