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Few things infuriate me like hypocrisy. For years Ive been reading about body positivity, BLM, LGBTQ rights, this and that movement and every other possible type of discrimination that Yahoo tells the world it must reject and fight against.

Apparently, heightism, which is a very real, scientifically studied form of discrimination, is one thing Yahoo does support. Im beyond outraged, beyond apoplectic that Yahoo thinks posting an article by Kelsey Weekman thats blatantly and disgustingly heightist. Not only does the article openly espouse discrimination against short men, it goes into minute detail on how to conduct this discrimination! Its no different than posting time, date and directions to the next KKK meeting or how to find a tree and tie a noose for a lynching.

Heightism is very real and has tested and proven negative impact on things like earnings, promotions, relationships and career advancement. Yahoo just posted an article telling the world this is how to perpetuate these injustices. Your entire staff should be ashamed of itself. You DO NOT practice what you preach.

Youre a disgusting bunch of hypocrites, nothing better. To use your lingo, you need to Check Yourself.

Preferred solution: Public high profile posting apologizing to all users and a condemnation of any kind of discrimination, not just the hot button topics. Public apology and renunciation of height discrimination..

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Easily excitable are we ? I've never been "beyond outraged, beyond apoplectic" at anything. Send me a postcard from the hospital once you regain mailing privileges.


Oh grow up!! Your height issues is a you problem shorty!!

Isn’t there a chocolate factory you have to show up at soon? Your issue with your height is literally nothing on the scale of discrimination. Oh you’re short!! Just because you’re packing Vienna instead of kielbasa doesn’t give you the right to *** about a article.

It’s a news article and nothing more. You are the one getting triggered by words on a screen.

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