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You're site is way too liberal, and if I want rag mag news, i'll pick up the national enquirer at the grocery store. Where is the professionalism in news nowadays.

Your site news sounds like high school gossip. Also, if you put information out there, I don't want to have to clip through 20 screens to find out the richest place to live in a state. That crap does nothing but *** a customer off. Don't track my searches.

If I search for lamps for a new table that I purchased, I don't want table lamps advertised on my computer for the next month! Furthermore, I don't give a crap about the so-called stars in Hollywood or the Kardashians.

They all need to get real jobs. I will looking for another search engine directly.

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If you are bothered by ads, pop-ups, and junk appearing on your computer you need to install free ad blockers, etc. A couple are: Adblock Plus and UBlock Origin.

You might also want to stop using Internet Explorer as your browser and switch to Firefox. I use Yahoo only for the free email as it is always good to have a few alternate email addresses but never pay attention to anything else on the Yahoo site---for the simple fact of their being left-wing zealots of no consequence.

You obviously are surfing the net with little protection. Best do some research and protect yourself.

to h.kitchener #1557875

I think think the main point is that Yapoo is a inept left leaning vehicle for sycophant losers to finally have something they say heard.

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