I have had yahoo mail for years. Suddenly I get a security message asking me for my favorite uncle's first name.

I don't have any uncles. I tried resetting my password, no go. I called yahoo and was told by the first rep that I had been hacked by someone in Arizona. I asked if they could see my contact list and email that I had saved.

I was told yes. I asked could they copy it and send it to me. I was told yes, after arguing about how I was hacked (whose fault it was),IF I went through their tech support for $79.00 per hour. I said I'd call back .Thed supervisor kept telling me I had been hacked and that hackers were smart.

I asked if there was any other software I could use to recover my data. I was told the technical details of hacking and that if I used software that didn't cost money that it would have viruses and spyware, all free software. I said that means I have to use your software and programs right? No but free software was bad.

Only yahoo can acess information stored on their servers. That means that in order to recover anything I would be forced to use yahoo tech support, easy answer right? Then I when I asked if the account had been closed I was told, no it's still active. Then change the password back so I can get my stuff.

Nope, your contacts and saved emails were all deleted. Get another email address.

Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Technical Support.

Location: Jackson, Tennessee

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Wow. I had the exact same problem.

I noticed emails were sent from my account to all my contacts, and the system, for some reason, sent them back as.if those addresses were incorrect. So they ended up in my inbox.

When i opened the emails, i saw nothing. Just a link to different sites that I had never heard of.

I was pretty busy the day i saw this, and then forgot about it because i dont really use yahoo that much.

A day or two later, i couldnt access my account anymore. I always use my cell, not so much the laptop. It said password was incorrect and i had to access or make changes to my account from another device.

I went to my laptop and it asked me for my cell to reset password, but i dont have that number anymore.

It asked then for security questions, and the name of my favorite uncle, which i only have one and never ever call him by his name, EVER. So i used his nick and nothing, used the name and nothing.

Called c.s. and idk if it was because of the time (1 am) or she is just one of those ppl that need to work with animals and not humans. She was SOOOO rude and was not listening to me, just arguing and trying to shut me up because she kept saying the account hadnt been hacked, that it was my phone, that yahoo didnt recognize the device and bla bla bla,, she was just beyond horrible, to the point that when i finally got her to resolve the issue and to the password reset part, SHE HUNG UP ON ME. No nothing, ZIP, ZERO, NADA words.

Im closing the account and never again. :(


Hey Hi,

I would rather advice you to contact the 3rd party people who are partners with yahoo, they would do this work for less. You can search for them on Internet or You can call them at +1 (30*-***-****)


Mark Mitchell


302-669-**** is a SCAM, they also pose as Microsoft support for the same lost email issue. They actually infiltrate your software if you "use" their service


Well, 302-669-**** was so helpful for me, i found them very genuine and professional. Actually they had been a life savior for me.

At the age of 91 i found them very helpful for me.


Hi, I do not agree with you at all, George is absolutely right that calling on +1 30*-***-**** was the right decision and life savior for me too.

I had been facing an issue for about 3 months with my microsoft email account and was pissed of badly with the Microsoft services, but the day i got this phone number in the microsoft answers forum i contacted them and found the life time solution.

I request you not to misguide people for right support.



Hello Everyone,

I feel like sharing my experience about the same number +1 30*-***-****, well in my point of view i found them very helpful and generous.

My Recommendation for them is positive.




Hey George,

I called at +1 30*-***-**** this morning and found them very realistic, they guys were very much clear about their legitimacy moreover they are listed on Microsoft Partner Network also. henceforth it is proved that you are mistaken somewhere in the understanding.

They guys were very much clear about their partnership with microsoft.




After reading this blog today i called the phone number +1 30*-***-**** and i found them very preofessional and technically sound, i think you might have misunderstood them.

I found them very very very helpful for getting back onto my email account.

It is true that they guys are Microsoft Partner and i have checked their listing on Microsoft partners website myself.

Thanks Whitehead for helping me last night.



It might be your bad day buddy.... but i found them very professional and genuine, i even spoke to microsoft direct and verified weather they are registered as Microsoft Partner or not and i found my search positive. They are 100% genuine.




LOL, you are absolutely wrong man, calling 302 669 **** was the best experience of my life. I thank every single minute to these people.

Ricky Whitey


I'm not to sure of this company. I have had them for a couple of years and they have always been helpful, but lately my computer setting are changing on their own and the clock also changes to pacific time almost daily.

The other day I could not log in and when I started checking my system it stated there was a guest host logged in, which I have never authorized.

With all the firewalls, how can someone be changing setting without my knowledge unless they have been in my stem before. Starting to feel they may be bogus and now have access to my computer.


Surfing aroud the www was never easy. I had been facing some problems with my yahoo email account and found this phone number +1 30* *** **** with the 90% positive and 10% negative replies.

Thinking Positive i have called that number and get to speak with one of the live technician. I found 10% people with negative feedback were wrong actually because their tech support is just awesome and very helpful.

I would advice people to call and check themself and get the high class customer service experience.


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