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I needed to set up another email account on yahoo. I have three now, and all three keep prompting me to "enter a mobile phone number." Since I DO NOT OWN ONE I am forced to click "remind me later." I don't want to be "reminded" at all. Even if I OWNED a cell phone I sure would not want to give it to yahoo.

But signing up for a new email? You can't get past the window to enter one.

So that's that. NO new email address for me.

Tried contacting yahoo's help. Not possible anymore it seems. Their help page starts off asking you to pick a topic. NONE of which is about not owning a cell phone. So I pick log in problems. (Can't sign up, so can't log in. Closest thing.) Then you get a second set of sub topics. I pick "none of these is my issue." That brings up a THIRD set of topics and I love this part. At the bottom of the list is "We are here to help you." WHERE??? HOW????

Again I picked a topic as close to my problem as I could and that brings up a page of self help links. NO WAY to get support.

There is a phone number. I sat on hold for OVER AN HOUR! Then gave up.

Yahoo is on twitter. Not much can fit in a tweet but I tried. Got back "please explain the problem." Took several tweets but I tried.

And got NOTHING back for days. Finally my reply? A link to the same help page I just described and advice to click "remind me later."


So I tweeted that back.

And got NOTHING back.

That's it. Yahoo officially joined my sucks list. Right up there with hotmail and gmail. None of them have support. At least yahoo had something. It was usually horrible but after 16 rounds I could usually get problems solved.

Now they have nothing either. Customers don't matter to them.

Is there any wonder why they are tanking?

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Ditto !, No mobile number log in !

I know " Everybody " has a mobile now ( NO !

) Tried phoning Yahoo UK ( Based in London ) NO help , NO Interest ....THEY put the phone down on ME !!DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY , AND TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW ..." DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY ", ....ETC )

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