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I honestly can't believe that anyone at Yahoo thought this new Instant Messenger was a good idea. It appears to me that this is pretty much how it went:

A) IM wasn't making them enough money so they decided to let it just die a natural death through no updates or bug fixes ever . . . .

B) It wouldn't die as planned and we people kept using it even though it had not been updated or refreshed in years!

C) So Yahoo then said they were "Not supporting Yahoo IM going forward" . . . in other words they were to kill the program

D) We all yelled and screamed enough that they decided they can't *** us all off or they'd lose our email biz too . . . . so . . . .

E) They turned over the development of the "New & Improved" IM - to a 10yr old. And thus, the new Yahoo IM was born . . . .

AND IT IS TERRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't I see the "contact info" I used to keep on each of my friends so I could remember where they live, or their phone number, or their address? It's GONE!

Why can't I edit ANYTHING?

This is simply a colossal failure on Yahoo's part.


Looking for a new IM . . . .

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