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The new Yahoo e-mail that has been forced on us is the worst I could ever imagine.

I locks up is incredibly slow and I cannot even send e-mail to myself in an account with another provider.

The most totally useless thing ever forced on consumers.

But I have noticed they can sure make their adds work even if nothing else does

I have yet to find a single function that will work reliably with any of the three different web browsers that I use.

All of which are the most up to date available for my OS.

Definitely not a happy consumer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Yahoo Account.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Yahoo really sucks a big one now.It freezes up anytime I try to do anything, and I mean - ANYTHING.

And I am completely updated on a six month old machine and I've tried all the browsers with the same ridiculous results. For example:

Refresh Inbox? Crash....

Attach files? Crash......

Send an email?

Crash... while it spins and spins incessantly like a retarded one-legged hamster in a wheel saying, "saving" ........

Saving what to where is what I'd like to ask, since after it failed to send the message 30 min. later, where did it end up?

Not in my drafts folder, that's for sure. And this happens ALL THE TIME.

20 minutes to attach 6 small .jpg files, while half the time I have to dump at least one or two and start over because it cannot complete the task? Pathetic... Absolutely useless...

Get your sh*t together Yahoo people or I'm switching everything over to Gmail exclusively.One pissed off user, soon to jump ship.

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