The new Yahoo Messenger Sucks ***. If there isn't a fix Ill be using something else.

What ***. You cant find contacts, tell who is online or anything. Who ever the designer of this change is a *** fool. Bring back the old Yahoo Messenger.

And who ever it was who required you have to post 100 words to respond to this *** is also a *** fool. Get real you idiots and leave well enough alone.

Your as bad as Facebook always updating and for the worse every *** time. Everyone has to learn how to use the site again.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Montrose, Colorado

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I think they are trying to do away with it by reducing it to a fraction of what it was before. I think they have shut most of their yahoo servers down which reflect the lack of a friends list and that.

Now it is more or less a game of blind mans bluff


I could really not agree more whoever got pasid for this new YH messanger should be sacked and not with a huge pay off it is totally unbelievable that this new Shh has been allowed to be used. and like the above i will be moving unless this is resolved very quickley it is sh sh it who are these idiots


Yahoo messenger is not doing what I want. Can't see who is on line.

Switch to yahoo mail. Probably yahoo wants to stop the service by making it user onfriendly.

Pity. PS

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