The new Yahoo Messenger is awful and very limiting. You can't change preferences.

I do not want to show the images of the users and it takes up space. I have always used the compressed/compact version. Now this new version is bulky and lacks control. Even the new version of Yahoo Finance is awful.

Just because everyone is moving toward mobile, doesn't mean Yahoo should dump the things that were working well before and try to make everything fit for mobile. This is a big mistake. If they want to change the format completely allow the users to choose the format.

Yahoo can then see which version is being used more. These supposed new improvements are a big step backward.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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This is the biggest load of c**p i have ever used in my life.

If this is the "new and improved messenger" then it is time for Yahoo to get out of the business. This is supposed to be the new desktop version and they put it out knowing that the mobile app was utter rubbish and all users were complaining about it.

There was nothing at all wrong with the old legacy messenger it was all people wanted now there are hundreds of thousands of people asking Yahoo to get rid of this version and use the old version. Just to let Yahoo know a pc is not a mobile phone and never will be so stop trying to make us use c**P that was made for phones and for once in your life go and read the comments expressed in your forums that all (100%) say "get rid of this garbage and bring back the version that worked and was used by everyone"


The "new messenger" is a complete mess from start to finish on pcs and mobiles. It looks like it was designed by a 3 year old back in the 80's and works about as good too.

Verizon who now own yahoo must be aware of everything that is wrong with this messenger and it just shows what utter contempt they have for their users by continuing to say this is an upgrade from the previous version( the version everyone was happy with).

it is a complete disaster and this has to be done with them being fully aware of the users feedback too. Put this rubbish in the bin where it belongs and bring back the old messenger or just get out of the business because you obviously don't care one way or the other whether anyone uses this cr**.


PLEASE change it back! the new yahoo is a fail!

no webcam setting voice, cannot see who is online! profile picture, Argggg


I downloaded the new Yahoo IM today and deleted the piece of *** with in a half hour it s not worth trying to work with this failed piece of garbage


Yahoo messenger won't download onto my my galaxy tab 4. It's incompatible I'm told by Google play

Old version worked fine

Won't work on my blackberry Z10 either

New Yahoo Messenger is total ***

Is Yahoo trying to go out of business?


Agreed this new messenger (web or android) was a tiny fraction of the functionality of the older full desktop version or the older android version. Fortunately, I kept the old .VPK for the older android version.

Unfortunately, I assume the older android .

VPK is going to stop being useful (if not already) when the old desktop version stops working.

I've been using Yahoo since the 1990's.

Not any more, that account is getting closed this week! I've long-since moved my e-mail to g-mail (which is probably the best web-based e-mail around), and I guess for Instant Messaging I will be going full-on WeChat - mostly because I hate Skype; and Google Hang-Out's is ajoke.


I agree 100%. This sucks.

I miss the video chat, I miss the old chat rooms from years ago, I miss the old style desktop program with the compact view and I miss the friend list !!! Tell me the benefit of not having a list of your friends ?!?!?!

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