It is an election year. Did anyone not think that the Marxist press would not try to suppress opinions?

The left is in full tilt to sway this election. It is in fact sad and pathetic, but the Dems do not care. They are angry at the fact that the majority have the gall to think for themselves and not adhere to their gestalt. While no means perfect, the only choice voters have is to extinguish this assault on our nation and our rights and vote for the opposition aka the right.

At least with them, we know where they stand and have defended most rights to this point. The economy is good, jobs are still plentiful for those that want them and the corona virus is being managed as well as humanly possible. The left has abandoned their core base and prostituted themselves to the far left. A sad day for America.

Time to change the equation. Vote them, (the left) out and start anew.

If they don't get the message, then keep voting them out until they get the message. That is what freedom really is.We The People are their masters and should never relegate this much power to a handful of individuals that are really only obeying the money Gods, Soros Yahoo Facebook and on and on.

User's recommendation: have your representatives launch an investigation into this blatant supression of free speech.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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