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When I open AOL, headline stories of the day from Yahoo pop up. If a story interests me, I click on it to see what other people are saying, and then can add (NOT ANYMORE) MY thoughts about those comments.

I'm well-educated and never use bad words. I don't need to use bad words to express myself. But Yahoo's 'people' apparently were offended by something I said, and without warning, banned me from the site; yet allows others to use filthy language!

There's a guy who uses filthy names regarding Women, as HIS Username! He puts a slash mark or a dot above those words, and weird symbols around the words, hoping No One will Notice.

And sadly, Yahoo Doesn't recognize it...REALLY? So, He's won, because Yahoo's people obviously Don't recognize it?! Really? You Can't Miss it...but Yahoo Did!

And I'M the one who is OUT! I guess Yahoo has NO problem with a username that uses dirty words to describe women. Apparently, the 'people' who monitor the comments are 'foreigners'; because otherwise, they would know filthy language when they see it, and ban that guy immediately! At least I would hope so!

I've always 'reported' him, but apparently, Yahoo has NO problem with that?!

But, if 'you' were to use the word 'You', which is a Huge NO,NO on Yahoo... which I just did in a 'generalized' manner; anywhere in your comment, you're off Yahoo! They are certain that you meant to be unkind. There is No Freedom of Speech at Yahoo!

I understand banning the use of "bad words" (apparently better than Yahoo) whose 'people' can't even SEE the horrible slurs against women in that 'guy's' Username; But if you are Really looking, YOU CAN'T MISS IT! Bottom Line, Yahoo has chosen to villainize and punish me and take away my right to free speech, for NO good reason! I'm a good and decent person, and DESERVE TO HAVE A VOICE!

By the way, Yahoo, I have a right to know which specific comment or comments that YOU thought were SO horrible, that I had to lose my freedom of speech.

That's why I want to see the comments I made that got me kicked off! I deserve to know, and to get my Voice Back!

la language

User's recommendation: If you want your voice and your thoughts to be heard, DO NOT GO ON THE COMMENTS' SECTION OF YAHOO!

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Before yahoo got rid of the comment section. Over the years I used to get banned from yahoo comment section.

I would no longer have access to my email account either. I had to create a spam account. Before yahoo got rid of there comment section. I had almost 10,000 comments.

Yahoo will not even let me post on this page either.

And they don't even own this web site. I hate you yahoo!!!!!

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