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How to change my number old (not used) in new number in yahoo

send a verification code to me in my number 014302**** Not 016810**** ( not used ) Yahoo email address: donn_aldius@***.com

5 answers
Forget my password
@Ansleigh I forgot my password
have a change my number old not use new number in yahoo
send a verification code to me in my number 702089**** Not 961619**** ( not used ) Yahoo email address: donn_aldius@***.com
According to the Yahoo help section, if you do not have access to your old phone, to get the verification code please follow these steps:
  • go to the Yahoo sign in page;
  • enter your email address and click Next;
  • click I don't have access to this phone and you'll see your alternate email;
  • if the email is correct, click Yes, text me a verification code.

To set up a new phone number please follow these steps:
  • sign in to your Account info page;
  • click your existing number;
  • click Add recovery phone number;
  • enter your new phone number;
  • click Send SMS;
  • tap or enter a verification code to confirm;
  • click Verify.
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How can I reset my password without recovery mail or phone number

by Aasha

I want to reset my pasword without recovery mail because I don't remember my recovery mail. And my previous number is not working because I don't used last 2 years its not working.. Plz help me.

0 answers

How can i restored emails which i have deleted

by Shailesh K

0 answers

Can you please reset my yahoo password account.

by Honney M

Please send the code to my Number and email Address honney.manao@***.com

0 answers

Retrieve an old email address

by Ander Internet

Hello. I need to retrieve my old email address @***.es.

I deleted it 4 years ago. It is very important for me to get the information inside. Is there any chance to get it back?

Can someone help me or give me a contact to get it back? Thanks

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Good evening, please how can I retrieve my old email

by Ry

Please I need help on how to retrieve my old email account. I have very urgent information on it.

The emails I want to activate are: adapretty07@***.com adaobiu@***.com My current active email is adaobiuzo@***.com You can direct your response to it. Thanks and God bless you.

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I would like to put a password on a special app on my phone

by Delani

I have a app on my iPhone that I like to put a secondary password to get into!

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How to retrieve my old Yahoo account

I am trying to reset the password to my old yahoo account "kemiola93@***.com", but I keep getting the error message "We can't recover your account online because there are no other options on file for your account". Kindly help resolve. Thank you

1 answer
In order to locate a forgotten Yahoo ID you should:
  • Go to the Sign-in Helper.
  • Enter one of the account recovery items listed in the Sign-in Helper.
  • Click Continue.
  • Follow the instructions given in the Sign-in Helper.

Can't log in to my email account. I don't have any recovery setup too

by Derreck

0 answers

Need phone number in this account "nadia2588@***.com"

by Sabatino

0 answers

I am not receiving txt messages for recovery password

by Kent

From day before yesterday I have not being receiving txt messages from Yahoo mai. I need to change my password

0 answers

The hacker in my email by using email notific.

by Wally

See above. Hacker also stole my identity.

Been in my email almost 3 years. No phone anymore.

No privacy. Can't email from yahoo

0 answers

Email hacked

by Glendell

Dear Sir, The above email address is mine, and I have just notice that it has been hacked since october/november 2019. I got a news about it when I went to my bank 4 Desember 2020 and they told me that my bank account is empty and that I have been sending messages to them recommending them to do transactions toward somepeople and companies, which is not true.

Could you help me with this issue? Your faithfully

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Forgot password

by Lia

I forgot my password and try sign in multiple times pls help me back my email address because I have important business there I try help center also and the cellphone number register there is my old phone number Here is my email Email add:red_gar12@***.com

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I have an old Yahoo account and I can't I forgot the password so I can't get into my Facebook

by Jaelin

J Downs 1965 at

0 answers

How can I restart my email

I can not get into my email it is gone

1 answer
how to retrieve yahoo e mail without password e

I forgot my email password and Imy recovery email.

by Shailynn

I forgotten my yahoo account password and my recovery email. Please help me. My forgotten email password is h.abdullahi54@***.com

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How can I put my email on my phone and laptop

by Lindel

Can't get mail from either devices. It was on my computer when I had Centurylink, but not now.

My phone is with Boost and laptop with xfinity. That's where I'm getting internet service

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by Edwards

What's the point of your mark as spam and Report spam if Yahoo doesn't black the stuff from continually coming to your email address. I thought that if you mark something as spam that sender would not be able to get to my account again.

am I missing something? It is extremely frustrating to get the same nasty spam that you get before you mark it as spam.

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How can I get my past 6 years old mails

by Daleah

Kindly inform you I was out of country in this 6 years 2014 to 2020 Once I came here So now I'm log in to my yahoo account and I'm not getting my old emails kindly advise or recover my mails as per as possible.

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