Yahoo tried this once before and had a billion complaints. They removed the button to view my comments, all of them, all articles.

People that comment like to see how others react to their point of view. Without that feedback people will stop commenting. Perhaps that's the corporate motive, but if people can't participate they will stop using Yahoo, just as I have.

Why they keep "improving" things that make the experience worse is hard to understand. Yahoo was about as good as it will ever be.

From here on out, improving it produces negative results.

Like Facebook. It's been "improved" into worthlessness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Website.

Reason of review: as stated.

Location: Makawao, Hawaii

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Where do you think the 10 trillion dollars that were printed since 2008 (without the authorization of the congress) ended up? Should the Supreme Court members have term limits?

Should the US central bank, have the right to print money and dictate interest rate policy the affect everyone, without the president & congress approvals? Should congressmen have term limits?

Should the US government have its own banks and media-companies to counter the private corruption? Stop fighting each other and call each other silly names and concentrate on real issues!

@Angela Qdm

Stop fighting each other? We're way past that point. Mainstream Media, Social media, Super PAC's, lobbyists, and politician's being puppets to their masters by voting for their master's interests so they can stay in congress their whole life have made politics and racism Pandora's boxes that are destroying the Republic.


Yahoo Article: 'Video shows Trump nearly falling over while approaching the podium at New Hampshire rally'.. Really?!?

You Yahoos are as silly as silly as they come.

Just plain mental problems with you Liberals. You have absolutely nothing left.


What is funny is that this very website (like Yahoo!) posts my comments if I advocate for a race war, but it censors me if I actually present substantive evidence which is counter to media narratives. -- David Hogg




zer afraid of zee trooth, oy veh,..... ZEE TROOTH OY VEH!!!!!!


Critical race theory (which is motivating the ongoing riots) is now being pushed onto the scientists responsible for managing our nuclear arsenal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyNW9nlFDBk


I want to be able to comment on the post. I want to to be able to post the criminal records of all of these "innocent police shootings" of the so called "unarmed people"". Let's go Yahoo...Grow a pair.


Why do you need to that? What do you get out of doing that & what are you trying to accomplish by posting someone’s criminal background?


The truth


Truth?? That’s all you got?

Are you telling me that a person despite having a criminal background walking with his back turned deserved to be shot in the back 7 times at point blank range? How do you justify that? Yet a 17 year old white kid can illegally possessed a semi automatic rifle & illegally crossed state lines with said weapon, which is also a felony, can shot 3 people killing 2 because they threw a plastic bag at him...Than be able to walk past a swat team & have nothing done to him except get handed a bottle of water & be able to flee back home to Illinois AGAIN crossing state lines illegally with a said weapon.... seriously who really is the criminal in these two scenarios?

Ask yourself this question. Do you honestly believe that this kid drove to a different state armed to protect some strangers business??? Just like all these wanna be militias trying to be tough by walking around with their guns have one thing on their minds & that is to kill anyone they want with little to no repercussions.

It’s sickening that people defend these cowards that were too scared to join the military & really represents this country the way it should be. This country is doomed.


all lies


The USA is a Republic. Athens and Rome are great examples of failed Republics. The USA is headed their direction if our society stays the way it is.


That person was refusing to comply with police orders. Blacks are good at that.

He was tased and continued to fight the police. So the police did what they had to do. I for one am glad when one more trouble make is removed from circulation. A lot of people are afraid to say what they mean, but I know that others agree with me.

I agree with most of what you are saying. The problem of racism is fueled by racist movements like BLM. That's right. BLM is a racist movement designed to stir emotions on both sides.

Someone asked Morgan Freeman once, how do we end racism? He replied simply, "Stop talking about it. Stop bringing it up." And yet, BLM is doing the opposite, therefore, they are their own worst enemy. If whites are racist against blacks, then it's because they have good reasons to be: 1) Blacks are more prone to violence.

2) Blacks are more prone to resisting authority; hence their desire to get rid of police. 3) Blacks are more prone to drug dealing. 4) Blacks are more prone to incarceration. 5) Blacks have the highest fatherless rate 6) Blacks have the least educated rate 7) Blacks have a natural propensity towards violence and resisting authority.

8) Blacks have proven the least DESIRE for eduction. 9) Blacks have a much higher love of profanity-laced, racist music. 10) Blacks cannot let go of the slavery issue, like something is still owed to them. There were also black slave owners and whites a slaves.

The blacks just can't seem to get over the slavery thing, and we are so sick of hearing about it. 11) Blacks have the highest unemployment rate, and prefer illegal activity like drug and weapons dealing, having a love of money, guns and drugs instead of the common good. 12) Blacks insist that the police are racist, when in fact very few of them are, and again, those that are have good reasons to be when BLM foists their racists agenda on the public. 13) Blacks are dishonest with themselves.

Most of them are tired of being poor and love money and possessions, hence their greater propensity for looting amongst the riots. 14) Blacks have generally poor communications skills, thus a higher propensity for profanity and negative language. Put the signs down, stop talking, get a job, and stop complaining about every little thing, stop stealing, stop looting, stop calling people names, stop bringing up slavery, stop with the MF everything, stop resisting the policy, comply--JUST COMPLY--with police orders, stop with the profanity, stop waving your banner all over the place. STOP BREAKING THE LAW.

Life owes you nothing. You have to EARN respect, and you won't get it by protesting, rioting and killing, looting, dealing drugs and using profanity every other word. YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY. Good reasons to be a racist when the blacks keep fueling the fire.

We're supposed to respect that? Really? What have they actually done to earn the respect they demand? Blacks don't even listen to the counsel of Martin Luther King, Junior, who was a great man.

If the blacks (as well as all people) just obeyed the code of conduct in the Beatitudes, then none of this would take place. Not all blacks are racist, that's understood. But as a whole, they usually fit into the stereotype that they keep perpetuating. It is up to THEM, and nobody else, to change.

Otherwise, they will never get respect by demanding it for who they are when they, themselves, are the source of the problem.

And don't you dare blame President Trump. You guys started the violence, not the police, but the President will surely end it and put you back into your place where you can learn humility and not the ways of evil which you so love.


"Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting" FOR USERS TO CONNECT OVER INTERESTS AND PASSIONS??!


This message is already an offense for all its users! For all users of any political ideology, CENSORSHIP affects EVERYONE.


Yahoo needs to be taught a lesson. I think they are now learning after many subscribers have deserted them due to freedom of speech rights and violations by Yahoo.


What lesson? What are they learning?

Nothing, everything remains the same, or worse. Comments have not returned .. Continue that message "Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting" and the comments don't come back.

Why? Why does this message appear?! I am having a very bad time, I have not been able to contact that person so special to me. They closed the comments and we lost all contact.

I can not find it. I look at every moment if the comments have returned and only that message appears. If the closure is final, why do you say it is temporary? All this is affecting me a lot, I am having a very bad time, I can not stop looking but the comments are not there.

I have no way to contact you, why didn't you notify them in advance? I'm sorry but I'm very sad, almost three years talking every day ... it was my great support, my friend of the soul, and everything is over, yahoo disconnected and our beautiful story is over. He's gone, he left...

everything is over.

Damn it all! Damn Yahoo!!

@Monica Rfs

Sorry ... I can't find any other forum in my country that talks about removing comments from Yahoo!

I can only find out around here .. In Spain there is only silence .. that absurd survey did not even appear. I remember just when Yahoo turned the comments off at that very moment, I was writing to that special someone "hi my love, good night, how are you?" and then he gave an error when publishing and suddenly that message appeared that the comments were suspended and he could no longer contact or know more about him.

I think he will have already forgotten me ... three years of a beautiful story and with one click Yahoo ended us. I am in so much pain that I want nothing more than to end my life. I'm stupid, I know, but I felt something very strong, very special for him.

And I couldn't even say goodbye.

Nothing. End.

@Monica Rfs

Comments will be back after the election. Until that time, they control the tv, the internet, the horizontal, the vertical.

@Monica Rfs



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