Yahoo tried this once before and had a billion complaints. They removed the button to view my comments, all of them, all articles.

People that comment like to see how others react to their point of view. Without that feedback people will stop commenting. Perhaps that's the corporate motive, but if people can't participate they will stop using Yahoo, just as I have.

Why they keep "improving" things that make the experience worse is hard to understand. Yahoo was about as good as it will ever be.

From here on out, improving it produces negative results.

Like Facebook. It's been "improved" into worthlessness.

Reason of review: as stated.

Location: Makawao, Hawaii

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Yahoo is a liberal news media output and should be sued and then abandoned.




So convenient just before an election. I can’t even deal with this level of stupidity. The headlines are getting better and better to prove the point.


I have been with Yahoo for many years. Yahoo is not yahoo without comments. I guess it's good bye.


They have taken away our Constitutional rights of free speech. Cancel and abandon Yahoo!!!


No. They've done what they wrote in their TOS.

You agreed to the possibility the comments section could be removed. This is a lesson why people need to read the TOS before clicking the yes button.


Dear Yahoo you can not silence us and we know what you are doing, Comments will come back after the election but we wont!!


No, they'll just go to Fox and other right wing web sites where comments won't be deleted if they're not towing the party line for anything related to masks for covid-19.


Yahoo did this same BS with the comments with Obama. Yahoo knew what kind of comments there would be, mostly negative towards Obama.

Now it's with Biden, his forgetting where he's at, his wife having to help him out, he doesn't project a strong image to be president. And people see that and know he's going to be a puppet for Harris and the democrat hyenas that hate the President..People know that Biden will be twisted around like a piece of putty, molded into what the dems, the new British, want. And if something happens to Biden, who will be president? How nauseating.

The fool is being set up for a fall. Yahoo is being biased and suppressing free speech that's all they're doing.


Sad but true. Not sure how they got my phone number, but a Dem organization sent me a text message after Harris was announced as the VP.

They wanted to know if I'd volunteer to help get Biden/Harris elected.

My response, 'No. I'm an independent and you just lost the election".


No wonder, yahoo's biased, derogatory articles were surely not getting their desired comment direction toward their point of view. Comments surely helping "Trump" get reelected (we hope)


@CabreadoConsumidor191**** Hi Vlad ... There's no way, I can't find it.

I do not get it! I was only hoping that yahoo activated the comments, they won't, right? He, @EDUARD, will have looked at yahoo, in the news where we wrote, when he saw that he did not, he canceled his account. I just need yahoo to activate comments soon, in case he ever looks again ..

but damn yahoo won't activate comments! I am falling ill, with great sadness and pain, I have been searching for a whole month, crying. I torture myself thinking that I am not able to find him, that he has already forgotten me. And I just search and cry, I search and cry.

And so every day, to no avail. Monica.


I'm looking for @Eduard Yahoo news Spain. They deleted the comments, I have lost contact with my soul friend.

Eduard I look for you, every day, at all hours, I cannot find you, my love. I'm desperate, this kills me with pain. If you read me, write to me, please.

Yahoo noticias ESPAÑA @Eduard Soy Mónica, tu amiga del alma. Catalunya.

@Monica Rfs

More than a month without hearing from you, I don't stop looking for you, I can't find you. It can't be, I can't lose you forever!

Where are you? I am broken with pain. Yahoo deleted the comments .. we lost all contact.

You and me always. Remember? Please do not forget me. Write me soon.

I need you @Eduard.

Tú y yo, siempre. Mónica.


Yahoo comments is doing a great job of reporting on the numerous F-ups by Trumps big supporters & it’s campaign. First it was Steve Bannon getting caught milking millions from simpletons who thought he actually was going to use that money to build the wall, but rather he used it on himself for his own pleasures including renting a $28 million yacht to vacation on lol.

Than you have kelly Conway announcing her departure from the trump administration probably out of sheer guilt for supporting trump. Than you have Jerry “I like to watch young men bang my wife Falwell” resign because he’s a hypocrite & is just as dishonest and a liar like that *** in office he supports lol. Oh and let’s not forget the debacle known as the RNC convention that is going on, with a coked up Trump jr and that other crazy *** screaming at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason.

I could go on and on about this circus that is the Republican Party but it’s just to exhausting trying to keep up lol. Seriously, how can anyone support such a nutty administration.


Why is it that every time one of you Liberals start posting, you sound like a 15 year trying to comment.


How come you don’t have an answer to the above post? If anything you sound like a 12 years old since all you did was contribute nothing to the conversation other than an insult. It’s quite obvious that the original poster comment was spot on & it bothered you...


Interesting that yahoo suspends comments on their "news" articles that, in themselves, are based on tweets made by those whose liberal ideas yahoo considers important --- anyone from those who can barely spell to the "major' Hollywood crowd. The only interesting part of most articles were the comments!


I think the congress should fund forums like this. People should not rely on private media for democratic debates and comments.

The state should have its own news and comment section on the internet and those who run it should be elected by the congress with term limits.

If we rely on private media for news and comments, then the freedom of speech is a joke. The Facebook guy can influence the US election, the most important election in the west, how stupid and humiliating is that!

@Angela Qdm

Yes let’s waste more taxpayers money to fund a chat forum so that you babies can vent your frustrations & insert your bigotry about liberals, minorities, blm, Maxine waters, Kamila Harris etc etc etc... That’s probably the most dumbest thing I have ever heard.


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