Yahoo tried this once before and had a billion complaints. They removed the button to view my comments, all of them, all articles.

People that comment like to see how others react to their point of view. Without that feedback people will stop commenting. Perhaps that's the corporate motive, but if people can't participate they will stop using Yahoo, just as I have.

Why they keep "improving" things that make the experience worse is hard to understand. Yahoo was about as good as it will ever be.

From here on out, improving it produces negative results.

Like Facebook. It's been "improved" into worthlessness.

Reason of review: as stated.

Location: Makawao, Hawaii

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After reading the comments on here, no wonder Yahoo has taken off the comments.


With your mouse, hover over your avatar. Don't click it, just hove over it.

It will give you the option to 'view your reactions'. Took me a year to figure it out.


THANK you!


How the yahoo commenting workshttps://infobook4u.com/


Yahoo has been *** around with their comments section for years. It's the one thing Yahoo had that kept people using Yahoo.

But these idiotic corporate snowflakes continue to jack the section around and censor the content nanny style. I'll miss using Yahoo comments when they're finally gone.

But the *** that run the company (this is about the third management change in a few years) will have no one but themselves to blame. I'll always have that to celebrate when Yahoover is buried.


The comment section reinforces that most people dont agree with the extreme left-leaning yahoo views. Yahoo doesnt want people to know that the conservative viewpoint is the most common. Yahoo wants to jam their views down your throat and not let you know their how outrageous their thinking is.


You are exactly right. Same here.

Comments are meant to generate a discussion of like or different viewpoints. Now, it's just post and run.


Eh I still see "My Comments"


No you dont. Comments are shut down to ENTIRE WORLD readers. Check Wikipedia if you cant break out your sick deep state lies...


It's browser-based at the moment. I experienced the same problem with Mac Safari and tried Mac Firefox. The old version is still running on Firefox (for now).


Yahoo doesn't give a *** about the readers. They just want to rake in ad revenue.

That's how corporations work. It's all about making profit with the absolute minimum of effort.


Do like I do. Ghostery blocks their ads. Hit them where it hurts.


I'm glad that yahoo has removed the post. Too many ignorant, rude and unnecessary comments only fueled that hate and prejudice.

They also allowed derogatory and just plain nasty remarks. It's time someone has stepped up to do the right thing. Freedom of speech really should be at a limit.

But people were just abusing that freedom. I have left yahoo for that reason.


Wah, wah, way. Does crybaby want a widdle hug?

Lol. Grow up.


Same ridicule and mocking without real answer and argument is standard deep state troll tactic... After you saw it doesnt work you censored ENTIRE WORLD...

Something you cant hide. Keep insulting little sad kid. We will keep post TRUTH ABOUT YAHOO HERE SO ALL CAN SEE. And when Yahoo bankrupt then we will sue Yahoo.

Then we will see who is "crybaby". The sole reason you losers censored comments because you are REALLY BAD CRYBABIES.


I've recieved death threats just by posting "can't we all just get along".


If you can't take the heat you shouldn't go into the kitchen, nor control how it works with your own hateful remarks, when this is where the cooks want to be and is their domain.


Comments are from angry people and for good reason. YOU LIE EVERY DAY! And those comments proved YOU LIE EVERYDAY!


I am going to stop commenting in yahoo. Garbage service!


Totally agree Yahoo sucks, you can't even find your comments after you post them unless you go back to the story and scroll down to find your comments. Useless...


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