Yahoo tried this once before and had a billion complaints. They removed the button to view my comments, all of them, all articles.

People that comment like to see how others react to their point of view. Without that feedback people will stop commenting. Perhaps that's the corporate motive, but if people can't participate they will stop using Yahoo, just as I have.

Why they keep "improving" things that make the experience worse is hard to understand. Yahoo was about as good as it will ever be.

From here on out, improving it produces negative results.

Like Facebook. It's been "improved" into worthlessness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Website.

Reason of review: as stated.

Location: Makawao, Hawaii

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I agree with your comments. What is throwing me is that either Yahoo did not roll this out to everyone, or some people have figured out a way around this.

I say this because I have read some Reply threads where people are still going back and forth with each other. I simply cannot do that because it only allows be to view my last comment and not get back to the thread, only the article.

I find it hard to believe people keep going through thousands of comments to find their thread. :)


All any yahoo commenter had to do to find their thread is click on their user icon and it would bring up all your comments. You could follow your comments and any replies that way. also their "bell" notification alerted users to when someone replied to your comment.


It's all bullshxt until you try it. Pissed Consumer is right about not being able to backtrack and converse with folks or reply back on an old article...


Where are my comments. Want to see how many people agree with me!

What is the deal with Yahoo. It is really out of control with Fake news, and ads posing as news.


100% agree!

they are removing the users ability to hold discussions and have the discussion voted For/Against.

they are trying to steer the public just like TV was back in 1970


I agree!


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