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Another slow news day yahoo? About every week that goes by.

Yahoo always gotta have another worthless article about the stupid Kardashians! Who cares? Enough already!!! Oh while were at it!

Enough about that slime ball kayne west!!! Yahoo reads more and more like one of those super market tabloids you see while standing in line. I have been on yahoo since the beginning. I have see a lot changes yahoo has made over the years!

Most of the changes I seen over the years sucks!!! One good example. The horrible web page layout! Horrible journalism!

As far as I'am concerned journalism is dead in America! Twitter feedback a mile long as news reports. Takes you forever to scroll down to the horrible comment section! Paid trolls always throwing their worthless politics in non relaited stories.

Yahoo auto censoring comments. To cheap to hire real moderators!

Always a crummy video I never care to watch! Always go straight to the horrible comment section! Another thing I'am getting sick of always over using the "viral" at the end of the headline.

For example, It goes "viral"! Beginning to hate the word "viral"!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't forget about Yahoo's obsession with what Chrissy Tiegen is thinking or doing.

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