The new yahoo quote page version is very poorly developed!

The old version seen in last week was organized compactly and almost all the information was easy to find. This new loose version is hard to read(if there is useful information, you will have to scroll up and down, not compactly organized in a small neat page), not to mention some critical information in the old version is no longer in the new version (such as a company's sec filing link is not in obvious tab!) I don't understand why people spent time to develop a new version that is much worse than old version.

Location: Irvine, California

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yes old one was much better. melisa myers is making all out effort to get it grounded before she is outed from yahoo


you are being too kind - the new layout is HORRIBLE! the constant stream of flash advertising was bad enough, but now I have to scroll all over the place to (maybe) find what used to be at the top of the main page (which is now mostly ads). time to find a new finance site.

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