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I'm getting rid of you yahoo ,Verizon (fios mobile phone, Internet and home phone. your no better than in my opinion that traitor to its users president of facebook.

Good riddance. You must not have any mirrors in your houses because I don't know how you can look into one with self respect and honor. I truly cannot wait for our lord and savior Jesus Christ to clean this mess up. It's coming believe that.

Also you can take that its for a more secure set and sling that somewhere else you sound like a bank and the lord knows they've been lying and robbing us since 1914. Anyway I don't like to be forced to join anything I don't have an option on. Especially with a name like oath being used by people that as time goes on becomes more and more obvious. There's still hope even for the tares in the wheat.

there's one hundred plus words or does it have to be of content that passes your screening. Hey if you have an I/Q about 10 points above a head of cabbage you'll know that no matter what God is bringing all the darkness to the light.

No matter who you think you are or how much money and power you have. I can assure you it's nothing compared to God

Reason of review: read the book.

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