My account on yahoo was hacked. I tried to log in but it asked for a code that would be sent to my mobile.

However, the mobile number that was registered was my old phone which I don't have access to anymore. I've been trying to contact yahoo but there isn't any e-mail address I can contact. Even though I'm in Greece, I paid extra in order to be able to call internationally but even the numbers that I found online did not work, were not used anymore, or were closed no matter what time I called. I contacted yahoo on facebook but they only gave me a number which didn't work.

Seriously I'm so pissed off.

I can't get hold of anyone. The only choice that was offered was for me to buy a program that would allow me to have access to a yahoo employee 24/7 but after all of this, I won't give them my money.

User's recommendation: Don't open an e-mail account on this company.

Location: Athens, Attica

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