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Home page of Yahoo opens with main articles not opening without an unwanted ad opening beforehand.

If I want to see the ad, I will click on the ad myself.What a bunch of ***.

Yahoo be smart and do the company and all surfers a favor by respecting their time on the web. Many wrong moves lately. So disappointing. Other sites are or have done the same type of tactic previously and have discontinued that practice because they realized that surfers are not *** and will avoid their sites if they are continually annoyed by ads and things they do not want.

With so many news outlets and sites to choose from, does Yahoo really think this is smart business?The Yahoo site already has too many unwanted ads as it stands.

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My sentiments exactly.Yahoo customer care is totally unresponsive to consumer complaints--they obviously think they can survive by selling ads and ignoring the subscribers that make it possible to attract ads.

Yahoo ads are tantamount to spam they are so annoying and relentless and irrelevant.

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