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There's an old saying... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Yahoo used to be so user friendly and now it's confusing and complicated and messy and it's just awful to use. When I look at my in-box, it has too many descriptions and the email itself is totally confusing - I can't tell who sent and who received and which one is the final one. I'll click on something and the whole message will transform into something that makes no sense.

Sent messages don't get sent but go to drafts and I have to go into drafts to send but then I don't know if I've just sent it twice. I don't want to change but if they don't make it easier to use, I probably will switch.

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Plano, Texas, United States #744012

I don't like the "New" yahoomail. This freezes all the time.

I have to keep logging off then back on for it to keep going.

Bring back the old email. :upset

to Anonymous #746322

Yes, yes, and yes !!!! :)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #742334

Yahoo's New Mail Fail - Open letter to Marissa Mayer


It also seems to me like a lot of the emails that I send or receive have the word "Me" on the subject line. It's a bunch of "baloney" the way they keep changing things.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #740458

Yahoo is under new management, but not necessarily for the better. Yahoo and all other sites rely on advertising to survive.

The bottom line is if you don't like a site/service, then don't use it. In the case of Yahoo, I would start now with finding a new, alternate email client for when Yahoo goes under, which may be sooner than you think---they are having serious financial problems. Also, you might try to improve your email by doing a couple of things: start using Firefox as your browser and install the adblock, etc. addons which will help clean up the yahoo mail site.

Also, download and install the "Disconnect me" addon for Firefox which will keep most advertisers from knowing who you are or putting ads within your email client.

It is at:

Once you start using Disconnect Me you will be surprised at how many people are getting your personal info. In any event, time to start seeking alternate email venues.

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