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Everyone is complaining about yahoo mail and the messenger. I hate them too and will include Yahoo homepage as well.

If I click on a link in email then I can't go back to email without clicking on my home icon, then mail again. Whatever happened to the "back" button? Same with Yahoo homepage. Before I know it I have multiple windows open.

WHY? I've been using my tablet to look at mail. Much better but would still like to use PC sometimes but can't stand it.

Ready for a change! I have sent feedback to yahoo before along with many other people but the only thing that changes is the weird things you keep doing to Yahoo.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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YAHOO removed the comments section right before the election debates. Typical tech company move silence people. The only view now is the YAHOO view, of liberal progressive idiots.


Yahoo is suppressing Freedom of Speech. They cannot be called down for Partisan censorship because they disabled everyone.

However, for political articles, Yahoo comments was receiving significant numbers from a political view they do not agree with. Just so happens, the US Senate interviewed some technology moguls on this same topic today.


Yahoo removed comment button because they don't want negative comments against Biden. Now the Democratic sources can write any articles against Trump and Republicans and get no comments to them.


Poor pitiful republicans got their whittle feelwings hurt!


its your loss YAHOO employee. I just deleted yahoo off my phone and added FOX and OAN news apps. Ahahahahahaha chinese controlled yahoo can go to HELLary


It would appear that this comment is from a Yahoo employee?


Yeah cowardly, safe space liberal. You really have a right to talk about "hurt feelings." Haha Liberals are the weakest people on the planet.


I wish people can stop talking about Obama considering he hasn't been in office for almost 4 years


After you stop talk lies about Trump despite fact Obama did same but worse. Hypocrisy must be pointed so all can see you are liars and scammers.

Keep defending censorship. Thats so liberal, same as your fake media and you refuse to acknowledge elected Trump is so "democrat"... Entire World hate you. ENTIRE WORLD.

And instead excusing, you censor ENTIRE WORLD! This censorship is proof World beat your deep state trolls.

You finally realized, after 4 years OF CONSTANT ON ONE BREATH LYING, that its not working. Thats why you censor the World and thats why billions will sue now Yahoo.


Yahoo phone number 800-511-****


What the point of making comments , when you can no longer get a reaction from them . A very bad move yahoo .


I would like to see my comments to Yahoo posts.

@Tynesha Jgw

Why am I denied my comments? Elipsys

@Evanna Asd

Everyone are. Censorship before elections.

So media can freely EVEN MORE LIE for 3 months until November!!!

We all need to sue Yahoo! They havent got right to censor the World and the TRUTH!

@Evanna Asd

Because they saw Biden had no support in comments.

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