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I recently discovered Yahoo Answers I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. It seemed like a great way to help people out. The concept and the true idea are very, very far off from each other. So far in 2 weeks, I have received 10 Violations Notices. Which sounds horrible, until you understand how Yahoo is running this so-called Help Forum. If you post a question that a person working at Yahoo doesn't personally like, they will delete it and you will get a Violations Notices for it. If you post a comment and Yahoo And/Or another user doesn't like it, you will get a Violations Notice. I just received 2 more notices for read this very carefully, (I POSTED LINKS TO SOFTWARE DRIVERS THAT THE USERS WAS ASKING A QUESTION ABOUT). A guy came in and was having a problem with his LG phone. His problem was a software driver issue, so I posted a link to LG's software home page. I didn't post a link to a site selling anything. I posted a link to the content this guy was having trouble finding. And Yahoo DELETED MY LINK AND GAVE ME A VIOLATION NOTICE!

The other Violations Notice, same story. A different gay was having a problem with his cell phone, so this time I posted a link to both the drivers and to an FAQ on a forum that would help with the install. So for my trouble, VIOLATION NOTICE!

Now this has been going on almost since day 1. I have seen people posting question asking how to steal. How to counterfeit. How to clone cell phones. All types of illegal criminals, and Yahoo DOESN'T DELETE THOSE LINKS! But if a guy asks a bigot question bashing gay marriage and I make a comment that "Conservative is just another word for Ignorant", he can report me and I will get into trouble "Yeah, that was my first Violations Notice! The guy's hatred-based question is not deleted, but my comment trying to defend someone is, because the guy didn't like my comment." This is how Yahoo Answers works. It is 100% Bias. And since the Yahoo Employees working that day didn't mind an ignorant question like that, the guy was clear to rant about anything. And I, along with everyone else who didn't agree received a Violations Notice. So after seeing the questions that stayed up, I posted one about "Is Anyone Else Sick OF Yahoo ToolBar Being Included In Everything Without Our Knowledge?" And guess what happen? VIOLATION NOTICE!

So unless your asking a question or making a comment that the Yahoo staff Personally approves of, your in risk of having your account closed down. And if your not a Republican Bigot, then your going to have your posts and comments deleted by other users, and Yahoo will hunt you down like some kind of blind hitman and dish out unreasonable amounts of Bias punishment!

Read through "Yahoo! Answers Suggestion Board". If you want to see an abuse in power by Yahoo to delete what they don't like, then try and sweep it under the rug as quickly as possible, your going to have hours of fun to read!

I'm done trying to help. I can't compete against a system that rewards questions by ignorant people and punishes people that truly try to help. And since they never bothered to respond to my pleases for email, but just decided to block my emails altogether, I have nothing more I can do but post my complaints so everyone else who has been going through these problems can do the same.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Account.

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You have to remember that a lot of the answers on Yahoo!Answers come from teenagers or college students...much of the advice is hearsay unless a nurse, doctor, or trained professional happens to stumble on the question.

I often find Yahoo!Answers useless.


I had an account with Yahoo for 7 years. I was up to level 7 on the Answers forum, with a 25% best answer rate.

Out of the blue, no violation notice, no nothing, they not only deleted my entire account, they deleted my e-mail address and all my personal e-mails contained within. I contacted them three times. They never gave me an answer...just a form letter staging I had 'violated their TOS" When I questioned specifically what it was I violated, they responded with the same form letter. And the third letter alsostated they would never respond to my query again.

Here I sit, two months later, wondering what I did to deserve losing my 7 year old account.

They are a joke when it comes to customer service. As in, they have none.

Haha. I guess the jokes on us.

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