Been with yahoo since the beginning. Been on the comment boards since 2007.

Over the years a lot of changes have been with yahoo web site, email, and the comment section. Had to open multiple spam accounts. Because I kept getting band from yahoo's comment boards. Yahoo is so liberal and bias its ridiculous!

I alway's hated the thumbs up and thumbs down concept! They finally got rid of the thumbs down and replaced it with a heart. Who *** idea was that? Now they bring the thumbs down back again!

Again, who's *** idea was that? The new layout of the comment section sucks! It takes me forever to scroll down to the comment section. Because of the twitter feedback being used as news reports.

Yahoo journalism sucks! Bad reporting or incomplete articles! Another thing that bugs me the most. When the word "viral" is over used in a headline!

Another thing that bothers me the most commenters always their politics in non related topics! Ever since the 2008 election when president obama had. For the last eight years. Trolls had called me a racist and biggot.

Each time I fight back I would get banned. But yahoo lets these liberal trolls get away with! I just wonder how many of these liberal paid trolls get actually get banned? Another that yahoo has been doing.

Auto censoring comments. This has been going on for years! Yahoo has the worst layout comment section on the internet! Why yahoo can't hire moderators?

Instead of auto censoring?

I been to many message boards on the internet alot of them are well designed and easy to navigate! Tired of trolls abusing the thumbs down button!

Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Yahoo Cons: New layout.

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Yahoo is such I biased piece of crap attempting to be journalistic. What kind of 4th graders write these articles ... no offense to actual 4th graders ...


yahoo has been cancelling free speech! it's violating our constitutional rights to free speech!

the hypocrites only allow anti Trump hate! no discussing of truths!

disgusting! #nomoredoublestandars!


They also won't let new content load up and since you can't say anything they feel just like the Rumpf


At least learn to spell before you post!!!!


You are censoring free speech!


It’s the Jews and catholic cult There behind all the *** happening in to days word Sad but 100% true. They have killed free speech.

They controll the networks. Tv. New papers.

Etc. Have you throght where this is going It’s not going to end nice


All Jew networks suck.along with the catholic cult. Including.

TV Radio. News papers. And all Groverments They destroying everything. Sad.

But. 100% true. So what is free speech.

Today. There is none.


I agree with this perspective 100 percent.


to politically one sided ,i dont't care about their political beliefs


yahoo sucks, they use your data to make money, then censor what you can post and read. and I'm not talking *** or inflammatory.

they have NO right censoring political data..they do NOT have the proof of right or wrong yet they censor. numerous posts I saw their "fact checkers" post..were in fact wrong.


Your a joke yahoo Owner and his liberal minions suck


Yahoo liberal control sucks!


yahoo blows, they are just like twitter and facebook


Agreed. After all these years I had never used either one of them.

I wish facebook and twitter would both die soon. I hate social media.


Yahoo suppresses free speech and posts anti right articles


We the people need to impeach Pelosi and then try her in a military court for treason and when found guilty execute the penalty for treason . [ hanging ]


I wouldn't say execute but get eaten by a pack of wolves


Sure would like to know what idiot hires 5 year olds to do there web page and write there genius headlines


To left wing god help this country


Yahoo is a willing puppet against the USA along with Facebook and the rest of big tech. You used to be able to post comments on their articles..

No not!!! Must be against their community standards. Ya think? Couple of cool movies.

Wag the dog and one with Steven Seagal where a media tycoon tries to rule the world via his media. Now tech wants to take away your 1st amendment rights (free speech) and the 2nd amendment (in place to protect the 1st and the rest of them. BUT DON'T FORGET GEORGE ORWELL! 1984 and Soylent green.

They are people you know!!!

Fore warned is fore armed. Be well

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