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I have tried for over a year to get yahoo to remove an incorrect business listing. I found them on Facebook and messaged them.

They messaged me back with a link to YEXT and then blocked me from being able to contact them again. I called YEXT and they wanted to charge me to fix the listing. I told them absolutely not and asked them to remove the listing all together. After a few minutes they gave me Yahoo customer service 180******** and 180********.

I was hung up on over 10 times this morning and every time I called back the same Indian guy would give me different names, Brian, William, etc. continuing to hang up on me. Now I started getting pissed and demanded to speak to a manger. This guy told me the manger was dead and hung up.

I called back and of course he cursed me out and hung up again.

Called back again and now he told me unless I pay them $99 they will not do anything for me because apparently my yahoo account had been being used by an unauthorized person somewhere in Nebraska! Wow Yahoo you must be proud.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: My listing to be completely removed from Yahoo.

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I'm in the same exact Yahoo ***. It's my listing, it's my data. I can't talk to a person, no links to fix listing unless I pay way too much, seemingly no way to delete the listing.

If they thought this business decision was going to make them money, I don't think they thought it through.

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