Forgot my Yahoo mail password and help online is totally NO HELP nor is the automated chat, no live person. All refers me to call a number for help that you have to pay before being helped which in turn is a monthly charge!!!

In my situation, I forgot my password and my recovery email was my work email and I just recently "retired" and the recovery email doesn't exist any longer. So I have no way but to call Yahoo to help me with my account so I can reset my password and setup a new recovery method and then they won't without me paying them first before helping me.

I totally forgot that I used my work mail as my recovery before retiring and this is totally uncalled for just to reset a password recovery method when I can definitely verify everything with my account to them over the phone. A total scam for a charge that is a recurring monthly charge at that moment.

User's recommendation: Go with Google Gmail.

Yahoo Pros: Yahoo mail is easy to access and use.

Yahoo Cons: No customer service help without a monthly charge subscription.

Location: Mansfield, Texas

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