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I recently reactivated a deleted yahoo account after almost three years. I did not intend to and yahoo states that this is not possible. I simply selected my old username when opening a "˜new' account.

The first mail I received was "˜welcome to yahoo' immediately I began receiving mail from my old subscriptions. The mail I received included links to my social media accounts, mail even arrived from my utility provider which included links to my account. Information I had used to subscribe to mailing lists would have been easily available to any 'new' yahoo customer. Luckily it was me signing up for a 'new' yahoo mail, but it could have been anybody.

The account was deleted because it had been compromised and customer support did not respond at the time. It is still sending spam to itself, but deleting it again is clearly very unsafe, as obviously any "˜new' customer can reactivate it.

Online customer support steadfastly refuses to respond to this. Their call centre deliberately stalls by deliberately misunderstanding and reading from a script.

Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Account.

Location: Woking, England

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The help page is utterly useless, a reply is promised in 24-48 hours but no reply ever comes. Their online and call centre help directs you to the 'account verification team' and claim this team has the tools to deal with your specific problem, but clicking on the link only leads back to the help page, and by then that employee is gone, and you go through same thing again with another minimum wage slave. There is no way out of this loop.


OMG, Yahoo has some of the worst customer service out there. I deleted my Yahoo email after growing tired of all their issues and after making sure I could still use my PAID Yahoo/American Greetings e-card account with my Google log in.

Except that you can't. Because the site has technical issues that make it impossible to send a card even when it appears you're signed in. Emailed Yahoo "customer care" and received a response that they couldn't provide support for that with a link to Yahoo customer forums. WTF?

Had to call the number on my credit card statement for resolution. Yahoo should rename customer care, customer "we don't give a ***"

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