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has anyone else noticed that the news section of yahoo is horrible...its like reading the national enquirer but worse...the articles are all jumbled into sponsored, sports and entertainment..majority of articles are just videos, ..has the staff stopped educating themselves as journalists, and some weeks at a time, itis the same articles over and over again..does news just stop in this nation, are yahoo directors afraid to go out in the sun and go see whats going on in this countries cities, towns and villages...politics is more than what the GOP are needs to be focused on many social subjects and addressing what everyday citizens are facing each and every day, there must be much more focus on world events as well as science, and environment concerns... yahoo journal staff are doing a very poor news is NO NEWS WTF

Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Reporter.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Yahoo! news feed is inundated, or should I say polluted, with celebrity, sports, and general crap.

It has descended to a grade of "F". Worse yet, they have constructed their complaint process in such a way that it is futile to even try to criticize them.


Can Yahoo STOP with links to the Kardashians, Chrissy Tiegen, and all of the other low-rent D-class celebrities? I doubt it. Yahoo will keep linking and I'll keep ignoring.

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