What happened to YAHOO? YAHOO MAIL is trying to scam me, I am SURE of it! I have used it for months with no issues or complaints what so ever. And, then one day out of no where I sign in and my mailbox is completely BLANK, with only the message "BON VOYAGE! All your messages are on the way!"

WTF? I kept trying to reset my phone, thinking there must be a glitch there somewhere. But, nothing helped. So, I called YAHOO Technical Service @ 1-80*-675-**** and some guy who barely spoke English and I had to ask to repeat things 10 or 15 times (and I speak 3 languages, including Spanish) proceeds to inform me that my Yahoo Mail account has been compromised! But, that was not before he pretended to attempt to perform some type of advanced technical/data engineer expertise, of course, which took him approximately 30 seconds only and we all know that is b.s. (my best friend is a Virtual Engineer) after which, he proceeds to tell me that someone from Nigeria or another country has placed spyware on it and so now my account is no longer retrieveble. But, for a payment of $59.99, he can put in a work order directly to their "3rd Party Go-To Support Team/Company.

I told him he was out of his mind, that I have used Yahoo Mail for years free of charge and so have hundreds of other people I know of. And, I demanded to know what kind of scam he is running.

Is this seriously what things are coming to? I know things are tough, but come on! I guess Id better get busy with printing up some type of price list of my own, so I can start charging for all of the services Ive been rendering free of charge most of my life. And, I'll start with a hefty fee for giving someone the right of way while Im driving or maybe a nice fee for my holding the door for someone.

Im just blown away.

I cant wait to hear the excuse for this.

I hope that it was just another scam and I can continue using Yahoo mail as if nothing ever happened.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Tina C.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Powder Springs, Georgia

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I had a similar experience. I have an issue with receiving a specific weekly email.

The man who spoke English poorly said my account was compromised and I need to pay $100 to fix the issue. I hung up.


yahoo scammed me too

I have paid USD 149.99 plus taxes

yahoo deactivated my account without referring to me, I called yahoo support and I spoke to someone his English is weak like Asian. I paid to retrieve the mail but nothing happened. I called back the number and someone started to say no they are scammers you have to pay again USD 99.99

real yahoo should interfere


Same with me...he couldn't speak clear English and first tried to extort $499 then when I complained he lowered it to $299. When I again complained he raised his voice and said there was nothing he could do for me...yes I called him an *** as I said goodbye. Russian hackers is what he blamed my problem on.


Hi ...I just had a messed up experience so thought I would still down on that number to see what I can find. I could not access my account so I used that number and exactly the same thing happened to me!

YAHOO needs to fix this ... That number is everywhere how did that number if it is fraudulant/ bogus manage to rank higher than YAHOO customer service and how can they not know about this group claiming to be YAHOO customer service .... Hmmmmm something weird going on here.

I can only hope I stopped in time for no issues to arise from this. Now I am going to have my IP network looked by my provider ...just to make sure.


Same thing for me. This is a bogus # and scam.

Price is now $99.99 from Mayas Services.

Sadly I let him in to my email account and computer to run this because I thought I was dealing with a Yahoo rep. Don't call this #.


I was scammed the same way! Is there not a real customer service number!?


I called the same number yesterday and they told me my email was compromised as well. $199 for some fix-it download for one month, all the way up to $799 for lifetime.

I didn't purchase anything.

I called a computer shop in town and they said it was a scam and to run a deep scan on my pc and change all passwords. What a bunch of BS

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